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Our community lost one of its biggest supporters earlier this year. Mumtaz Mawji (Taz) was not just a leader to her family, she was a leader to her friends and to the causes in which she believed. With the support of Taz's family, we are fundraising to honour our friend and to contribute to 2 areas she supported every day. First, Taz believed strongly in education. She ran Educare, an educational daycare, and tutored students for many years. She led school councils, attended school fundraisers and even played a key role in the construction/development of the Longfields Davidson-Heights Secondary School (LDHSS). Half of the funds raised will be given as a scholarship, named The EDUCARE Scholarship, to a student at LDHSS at the end of the 2022-23 school year who aims to continue their post-secondary studies in health or education. More scholarship details will be available in September.

Second, Taz believed strongly in helping people in need. For years, she donated weekly to Shawna's Outreach-Ottawa and helped spread the word to anyone who would listen so they could help as well.

OUTREACH and EDUCARE Scholarship Fundraiser

For the next 54 days, this short run, huge impact fundraiser will raise funds where every single dollar will help someone in need AND help put a student through post secondary school for multiple years.

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The second half of the funds raised will be donated to Shawna's Outreach-Ottawa to help hungry and homeless in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. Taz knew that as little as one dollar could help change a life. She also knew that the donation meant compassion would be shown and kindness would be brought to a person in need.


We will run this fundraiser for 54 days (April 4-May 27, 2022). 54 is the short number of years Taz was able to connect with people on this planet. There is no donation too small. That being said, there is a "TAZ CHALLENGE". Each week, Taz would buy $10 worth of goods during her grocery shopping trip to give to Shawna's Outreach-Ottawa which was then given to hungry people. That's $500 per year. The challenge is, for anyone who can, to donate $500 or more. For donations in the amount of $500 or more, businesses or organizations can have their names listed and individuals can add an "In Memory Of" in the letter to the scholarship recipient. The same information will be posted on Shawna's Outreach-Ottawa's social media platforms.