Update on the Boundary Consultation 

regarding the redirection of students in Chapman Mills Public School to LDHSS

Dear Parents,


We would like to provide you an update on the Boundary Consultation regarding the redirection of students in Chapman Mills Public School to LDHSS. The recommendation report from the OCDSB school planners with regards to the Attendance Boundary Redirection of Chapman Mill PS to LDHSS is now available.  


The weblink to the report can be found on the Boards homepage www.ocdsb.ca, under Upcoming Events, Committee of the Whole (Public) Meeting December 10th, 2019 or at this link (item 6.2):  


10 December 2019 COW (Public) Agenda (click here to access it)


The report may also be found within the study webpage which can be found on the homepage by clicking "Board of Trustees" - Consultations - Planning Reviews - Chapman Mills PS. Area- Intermediate and Secondary School Attendance Boundary Redirection.


The OCDSB staff recommendation is their original proposal:


The Chapman Mills PS JK-grade 6 attendance boundary area be redirected to Longfields-Davidson Heights SS for grades 7-12 on a phased basis commencing with grades 7 and 9 in September 2020, followed by grades 7,8,9 and 10 in 2021 until full phase-in of grade 7-12 enrolment by 2023


They did not even consider LDH’s concerns of the impact of the overcrowding that will happen over the next 5 years to our student’s well-being.  This may include:


  • Increase capacity in common areas (such as cafeteria, library, gym).

  • Programs that will be affected such as intramural sports, school team sports, clubs, music, drama.

  • Locker space (may have to share).

  • Increase in the number of portables (currently 13 and may jump up to 30).

  • Change in school schedule to accommodate the increase in classes.


As for the proposal that we brought forward, their response was:


“The alternate proposal to phase-in Chapman Mills PS area grade 6 students to Longfields-Davidson Heights SS commencing with grade 7 in 2020, grade 8 in 2021 and grade 9 by 2022 would not serve to curtail enrolment growth at John McCrae SS until 2022 and therefore is not a viable option to address the immediate accommodation concerns.”


It may not address the immediate accommodation concerns, however the impact will allow for a gradual increase in LDH school capacity over the 5 years compared to the initial proposal:


  • Consultation Boundary Redirection of Chapman Mill PS to LDHSS




To check the updates and relevant information, click here  

Bottom line is that the pressures alleviated in Cedarview MS and John McCrae SS is just being moved to LDH.  LDH has had its fair share of being overcrowded during 2012-2014 and we do not want to have that happen again. It is not fair for our current and future LDH students to have to go through that once again!



Parents are invited to go the OCDSB Meeting on December 10th at 7:30 pm at 133 Greenbank Rd in the Boardroom to voice your concerns to the Trustees that will be voting on this matter.



Thank You,


Susha Zachariah and Aliaa Dakroury

LDSS Parent Council Co-chairs

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