Update from

the public consultation meeting

held on Wednesday, Nov. 13th 2019 (LDHSS)


At the meeting on November 13th with about 100 people in attendance, the school board presented their proposal on the redirection of Chapman Mills School boundary area to LDHSS. 


Please take a look at the public meeting information package which can be found in https://www.ocdsb.ca/board/ consultations click “planning reviews”

Included in the package are alternate proposals provided by a member of the community. Option 3 which, in our opinion, seems to be the better option compared to what the board is proposing.


There were a lot of questions and concerns expressed by not only parents but a couple of affected students from Cedarview MS.  The general opinion from the parents/students from Chapman Mills area seem to be that redirecting students graduating from Gr. 8 to LDH was not favorable as students didn't want to move away from their friend groups and start all over in a new school (LDH).  The common concern from parents in the current feeder schools or parents who had children currently at LDH was the overcrowding and the impact it would have on their child.


We did acknowledge that the increase in enrolment over the next few year at John McCrae was unsustainable. And that we need to find a solution that will not have a bigger impact on LDH.  Just an FYI, the Board has purchased land in the Half Moon Area for a future high school.


A very important point was brought up that we, as a community, must rally together to bring our concerns of overcrowded schools in the Barrhaven area with the Ontario Government through our MPP (Lisa MacLeod) and to the Minister of Education. 


The next step is that the school board planners will put forward their recommendation in a report. Once we get that report, we will share it on our LDH Parent Council website. There will be a meeting on Dec 10th at the school board for the recommendation to be presented and then on Dec 17th, the trustees will vote. Public is invited to come to the school board meetings and they can also speak


We encourage parents to provide your comments by email: boundaryredirectioncomments@ ocdsb.ca.

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