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We are proud parent volunteers who meet once a month to discuss events and issues relating to our children's school. We organize some events and fundraisers and are a resource link between parents and the school.
Come join us for a meeting or offer some time for an event. We'd love to meet you!
Our Constitution


Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School ("LDHSS") School Council is open to all parents or guardians of students enrolled at LDHSS and is always encouraging parents to attend, fully participate in, and vote on matters arising at Council meetings.        Read more.

Council Members for 2019/2020



Aliaa Dakroury                                Co-Chair

Susha Zachariah                             Co-Chair

Bharati Desai                                   Treasurer

Razan Shahin                                  Secretary

Nadia Asimail                                  Secretary

Lisa Brennan                                   OCASC Representative

Bharati Desai                                   OCASC RepresentativeT




Mark Harris                                               Principal


TBD                                                    Student Representative

TBD                                                    Student Senator                        

Donna Forbes                                  Intermediate Teacher Representative

Roy Peters                                        Secondary Teacher Representative

TBD                                                    Community Representative   




Aliaa Dakroury

Bharati Desai

Evelyn Milette

Lisa Brenan 

Mourad Graibia

Maisaa Ahmed

Nadia Asimail

Razan Shahin

Sally White 

Susan Farrell

Susha Zachariah

 We’d love to hear from you! 

Questions? Contact us....



Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School

149 Berrigan Drive

Ottawa, Ontario  K2J 5C6

Telephone: 613-843-7722


Middle school: ldh78.ca

High school: ldhss.ocdsb.ca

School Council: ldhsscouncil@gmail.com

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